This is intended to help you print the used sail listings on paper.  The listings are just text files, so all you need to do select landscape printing to print the long way across a page, choose a small font, and, if you want the columns to line up, a 'fixed width' font, and you should be ready to go.
The following example assumes a PC/windows based system.

  1. Point your browser at one of the used sail catagories.
  2. Type ^a to select all the text in the file. ("^" means hold down the "ctrl" or "control" key.)
  3. Type ^c to copy the selected text onto your clipboard.
  4. Open an editor.  In Windows 95, try <start><programs><accessories><word pad>.
  5. Select a font, preferably fixed width, like MS Line Draw, and set the size to 8 point.  In Word Pad, try <format><font><MS Line Draw>, then size = 8, then <ok>.
  6. Select 'landscape' page formatting.  In Word Pad, try <file><page setup> Orientation <landscape> Margins left = .5 inches, right = .5 inches, then <ok>.
  7. Inside the Word Pad window type ^v to insert the text from the clipboard.
  8. Preview the print page.  In Word Pad try <file><print preview>

If all looks well, print the page.  When you quit the editor it will probably ask you if you want to save the document.  In general, say no beacuse you can get a current/new copy from our web site.

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