Help with Emergency Rudder Installations

This is a collection of photos of emergency rudders, and their installations.
Paul Kamen gave a talk at one of the Pacific Cup Seminars where he presented essentially a recipe for fabricating the emergency blade in terms of area, and thickness of fiberglass needed, and dimensions for the pintles and gudgeons, etc.. He has posted a copy of the talk at It is interesting reading, and a valuable resource,

CASE 1: Rudder mounted in a cassette

An emergency rudder mounted on a nearly vertical transom, in this case a Passport 40 named "Trial Run," belonging to Jack and Diane Bieda. This shows just one of many ways to get the job done. It also shows a relatively inexpensive way, in that most of what you see here, except for some welding, is homemade. You are looking at "version 2," because version 1 broke on its first "sea trial," which was really a "harbor trial!" That is why you need to try the emergency rudder before you go to sea with it.

CASE 2: A three point framework to hold pintels and gudgeons

This emergency rudder is mounted on the reverse transom of a Cal 39-IV belonging to John and Judy Webb. This shows how to keep the two bearings on the emergency rudder far apart even when the transom slope is not ideal. 


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