A Sailing Saga

Ad for August 1999

Saga is the 65-foot steel hulled, teak decked home of the Stone family, Mat, Molly, and young Hayden, Caleb and Adelaide.  Saga is also a classroom, where history, culture, social skills and communication, a bit of mandatory math – and sailing –  are taught daily.  The lessons come from the journey.  And the plan is to enjoy every passage and every destination.

The Stones left California last October, heading south for Mexico and Central America.  Mat voiced their delight in reaching along at 9 knots toward Costa Rica.  Next year:  the South Pacific.

The Spectra main we built Saga is unusual.  Full hoist it is too wide to clear the backstay. Reaching and running, the sail is large and powerful. On those rare occasions when the boat must tack to weather, the sail is simply reefed and becomes the size of the original main.  Tom Wylie, the boat’s designer, describes it as our “passage making mainsail.”

We look forward to the “saga” of Saga.  And expect all her Pineapple Sails to cover miles of ocean and years of service.

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