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Ad for May & June 1996

Wylie Wabbits are demanding boats. They are long and narrow and light, and the crew is ex-pected to hang on a trapeze wire just to keep the boat on its feet. The thrill of sailing one of these high speed 24-footers is highly contagious.

Mark Harpainter's Wabbit, Tulewemia, named for a disease that afflicts only rabbits (sic), has shown a healthy propensity for winning races, placing first in the 4-race Berkeley-MYCO Midwin-ters and tying for first in this spring's SBRA season opener.

Mark's prescription for a successful series was a well-prepared boat, a consistent and talented crew - and a new Pineapple spinnaker to compliment the two-year-old Pineapple main and class jib.

Give yourself the full Pineapple treatment: excellent sails and unfalling service.


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