Winning with Èlan

Photo:  Kelly O'Niell Photography
Ad for September & October, 2000

There are lots of ways to win a sailboat race.  But Bill Riess and his crew prefer to win with Èlan - style, flair, verve.

Èlan is Bill's Express 37, and she was first to finish and first on corrected time in Division C of this year's Pacific Cup.

On the Bay, Bill's Express is powered by a new Pineapple main, Kevlar genoa and Airx class spinnaker.  A Kevlar #3 will be ready in time for Big Boat Series.  But with the PacCup in focus, the class spinnaker with its knack for reaching high was complemented by a powerful running spinnaker: a special sail for a specialized purpose.

Èlan’s navigator, Paul Kamen, won Pacific Cup's Navigator's Trophy.

His decision to dive south early gave them a jump on the fleet.  But he's the first to point out that they never could have held on to their early lead without the speed of the downwind runner.

Every sail from Pineapple Sails is a special sail with a specialized purpose:  custom designed and skillfully constructed with you and your boat in mind.  You too can sail with èlan.

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